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spinning lure hard bait Rapture ACCIUGA 90mm 30gr

spinning lure hard bait Rapture ACCIUGA 90mm 30gr




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Small lipless slim lure that weight 30 grams in only 9 cm length, making it a true bullet to shoot at great distance. The peculiar belly shape makes it shale and vibrate while sinking. The sinking action is quite slow, allowing predators to attack it. It is a super lure to be casted in the middle of bait balls created by mass attacks of pelagic predators such as schooling tuna, dolphin fish etc. The Acciuga is equipped with top quality 3X treble hooks able to face the strongest fights. Split rings are properly dimensioned. The chromed colour patterns are the best for daylight fishing cause they reflect the light very well. Super realistic scaled design.


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