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Trabucco Reel NITRO FC-X 2000-4000 spinning bolo match fishing

Trabucco Reel NITRO FC-X 2000-4000 spinning bolo match fishing




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Series designed with an essential, classic shape, neatly marked by the new Trabucco oversized spool. The wizard touch? No, just the application of a known concept, which rarely found practical realization. The amplification of the casting performance was achieved at the engineering stage without affecting the reel with redundant weights, because the rotor has maintained the traditional dimensions. All important advantages will be noticed by those who love the light and medium spinning, Bolognese style and the allround Telematch rods, as they will note larger and sweet line coils slide smoothly through rod’s guides. The spool’s skirt sees its diameter shrink dramatically, until it nearly touches the rotor, to impress you with its elegance and to reduce the risk of line tangles just below the spool.
• 5 Long Life Ball Bearings
• 1 Roller Bearing
• One Way Clutch System
• Micro-adjusting Front Drag with oversized washers
• CNC Machine Cut Long Cast Superlight Aluminium Spool (Oversized Design)
• Graphite Spare Spool
• Anti Twist Line Roller
• Power Fight Aluminium Handle
• Soft Touch Ergonomic Handle Knob

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