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Trabucco Reel INVICTUS FA 2500-4000 spinning bolo sea fishing

Trabucco Reel INVICTUS FA 2500-4000 spinning bolo sea fishing




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The Invictus reel is just the last in time of this state of the art projects and is featuring many technologic innovations. The hybrid structure is made of aluminium and graphite to maximize the benefits from both materials: the body is made of aluminium, so really really stiff. For this reason all the gears are working in the perfect position and will do it for years. The rotor, made of carbon, is suffering less solicitations and so it is made of lighter material. The rotor is equipped with a thick hollow bail arm, super strong and impossible to deform. The reel comes with two aluminium spools, both machined from a single aluminium piece. One of the two has been designed for monofilament and it is high capacity, while the other, designed for braided lines, is shallower and features a rubber band to prevent the braided sliding. The lip of both spools is built with an angle, giving birth to the VSpool Design, a solution that allows the line to come out easier and increasing casting distance. Drags are made of stainless steel and carbon discs and are sealed, to prevent dirty and salt to enter between the discs. The handle too is machined from a single piece of aluminum. 9+1 stainless steel double shielded bearings make this reel really smooth. The Invictus has a ratio of 5.2:1 and it is suitable for bolo and waggler fishing in sizes 2500 and 4000, while it is perfect for spinning and feeder fishing in sizes 4000 and 5000. The gears have been designed to bear thousands and thousands of casts and retrieves.

• Super stiff aluminium body
• Aluminium side cover
• Ultralight carbon rotor
• Aluminium hollow bail
• Anti-twist Titanium line roller
• Main deep aluminium spool (on twin BB)
• Spare match aluminium spool, featuring a rubber band to avoid braided lines slipping under extreme tension
• Sealed drag to avoid water, salt and dust getting inside
• Stainless steel main shaft

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