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Trabucco Rapture Spoon ZERO gr.1.4 mm.20 area game

Trabucco Rapture Spoon ZERO gr.1.4 mm.20 area game




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Small vivid spoon designed for trout fishing in the lakes. The lively action that you can get with a normal steady retrieve can be even improved if you add some small rod tip jerk. It is available in 12 very bright colours in 0.9 - 1.4 and 1.8 grams weight. In order to get the very best from these spoons, we recommend the use of Ultralight class rods, which offer casting accuracy and sensitive feeling during the retrieve.
● Specific for Trout Area, excellent for UL spinning
● Ultralight weights; special high-strength paints
● Frantic oscillation; slow fall into the water
● hook single without barb
● Blister containing 1 artificial