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Colmic rod Fiume SUPERIOR (MEDIUM: 20gr) Minimal Guide

Colmic rod Fiume SUPERIOR (MEDIUM: 20gr) Minimal Guide




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There are many adjectives that we could use to describe this new series of Bolognese rods, but we are only going to list a few. It is tackle distinguished by extreme lightness, great reliability, impeccable action, ultra-thin diameters and a balance that cannot be matched by other products of this category and level. But the most amazing thing is that all these qualities are even more amplified during use. Fiume Superior rods are simply the realisation of a dream for all those who love fishing with Bolognese rods, and it is only when you extend them and make the first cast that you will understand why there is so much excitement in expressing their qualities and attributes. The new Fiume Superior Light and Fiume Superior Medium rods are the direct result of the passion and talent of those who love this kind of fishing and practice it more than any other technique.

colmic fiume superior minimal medium